First steps to getting the job you have always wanted

This post is the first of three posts that could help you get the job that you always wanted, by offering a practical strategy to move you closer to your dream way of making a living.

So, you have been bobbing along doing your job for the last 5, 10, 15, 20 years. It’s a reasonable job, you get on with your colleagues, it’s near home, it fits around everyone else in the family, and pays (at least some) of the mortgage/bills. But you know this is not what you set out to achieve all those years ago, you know that deep down this job is not where your heart is, and if you are being really honest with yourself you know this is not your idea of creative and inspiring work.

As life went by the dream job gradually got put on the too difficult pile, it just didn’t fit with the way your life panned out.

There are many reasons why we settle for the convenient job, but often there is still that little voice inside you (as much as you try to suppress it) that imagines what life would be like if you had the opportunity to revisit the dream you once had, before life came along and got in the way.

Well, now it’s time to give that little voice some real space. Time to take all the obstructions you have been putting in the way and ditch them – you know the ones, they go something like this, I don’t have the qualifications, I’m too busy to even think about it, I won’t be able to work part time, I can’t afford to retrain, I would have to move, I’m way too old now, I can’t take the risk or the potential loss of income to retrain etc. etc. etc. (I will do a whole post on the obstructions and the limiting beliefs we set ourselves – but for now, suffice to say that they are normally negative and generally involve us saying something like ‘I am no good at this or that’ or ‘I can’t because…..add the excuse’ or even ‘yes but… add the excuse’).

Often when I am coaching people they struggle to see how life could be different. But once past their self-imposed blocks, people can see that just following a process can give them clarity, a starting point that brings the reality of achieving their dream job/career just that little bit closer.

So this is the beginning of getting the clarity you need to make those changes. No one is saying you should ditch your current way of earning a living. However, I do want to encourage you to do some serious research with an open mind.

Ask yourself or pretend for a moment that there are no (self-imposed) barriers – what might be your starting point?

Below is a jumping off point – you have to start somewhere so, you might as well start with some research. At this stage you are only taking baby steps, you’re not changing anything, your just doing some research. This way there is no pressure, just a commitment to finding out

You might consider the following

  • start looking at job adverts for the job you want
  • get hold of the full job description and take notes of the qualifications, skills, and attributes you will need
  • use the internet to research
  • research salary scales
  • speak to people already doing what you want to do
  • spend a day with people doing the job
  • have a look at a journal or magazine related to your chosen field or career path
  • don’t let any of your obstacle thinking get in the way at this point. You are just doing research, not trying to convince yourself that it is not possible. Do your research with an open mind, a genuine open mind!

It’s an idea to keep a little book or electronic file to document your research. This will help you later to formulate a plan of action. Remember that at this stage you are just reawakening your interest and reviewing the reality of what is needed.

In next month’s post we will look at what to do next – so keep that little book somewhere safe

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