Get that Job 2 -Dream & Plan

This is the second blog in the ‘Get that job’ series.

In my last post we looked at the ‘jumping off point’, we left it at the point where you were dreaming and researching the job or career that has been sitting in the back of your mind for maybe some time.

You began to look at that chosen path without judgment, without committing to anything, without changing anything, without allowing your negative, blocking talk to filter into the process of dipping your toe in the water.

Open it up and dream

So armed with your new research, and your open mind now is the time to expand that dream somewhat. One of the ways to embed the dream in your reality and help to shift your thinking from ‘I can’t because… (you choose the excuse) to ‘this might be possible’ is to develop your dream.

By that I mean, to really see, hear, taste and touch the job or career you are after (well perhaps not actually taste… but then again if you dream is to be a sommelier then perhaps – look it up – every days a school day).

Therefore, let’s do just that, I would encourage you to imagine in some detail what a day/week in the life of your new job/career might look like. What would you be doing? See your workplace, what does it look like? Who might you meet? What might you be wearing? How might you be feeling? Where might you go for lunch? Do you wear a suit? Heels or flats? Hair up or down? Black, grey or Simpsons socks? What might the conversation be around you?

Really live it in your imagination for a while, revel in it, enjoy it!

The above might sound a bit woo woo, but trust me, the more you can connect and see/feel/hear yourself doing the job, the more you will believe it possible and the less power the excuses will have.

For those of you who love vision boards – now’s the time to get out your scissors or get on Pinterest. I have known people at this stage use other prompts in order to keep their dream alive and ensure they stay focused. Consequently, you might consider creating visual affirmations such as an acceptance letter from your chosen employer, the tie you are going to wear when you qualify, a toy copy of the new car you are going to buy when you get your new job – you get the idea. Again, if it is a bit woo woo for you then simply connect on a weekly basis with your why – what the job/career will give you and your family.

Narrow it down and get practical

Once you have the dream clear in your mind it is now time to get committed and actually start working on the practicalities.

It’s time to make your first step. Alright if you are not quite yet ready to physically take the plunge, then at least you can organise yourself a plan. When I say plan, I mean a proper plan – with action points and dates on which you want to achieve each step. You might also want to include any potential costs that you might need to factor into the equation. It would also be a good idea to include in your plan who will be able to support you, partner, family, industry mentors, friends, (or even a coach).

Once you have your plan in place – now is the time to act.

Take that first step, you can do this, you have the commitment, the ability and the capability to make this happen.

It might take some time, but others have done it and so can you.

The only other addition I would make to any of the above is to stay open to the opportunities that present themselves or get you a little closer to your dream. So if you want to be say a teacher, then accepting a job as a classroom assistant may be a good move as it will get you access to the school system and potentially some good mentors.

If you don’t make this happen who will?, so take that first tentative step and we will revisit this topic over the next couple of months.

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