A Little about me

I came to coaching because I was convinced it was the best way of helping people get the results they wanted.

We need to practice being the authors of our own lives and not waiting for the perfect conditions, or the approval of those around us before we go after our dreams and desires, however large or small they may be

The process of coaching works, not just for the big life decisions but also for the things we have been putting off for years – the DIY projects that never get done, the clutter clearing that has been on that January 1st list for the last decade, the extra few pounds you have been wanting to loose, the job you have always dreamed of getting ……… you get the idea.

I have a background in health and education, both of which have enabled me to gain skills and knowledge that have proven invaluable with my clients.

My home is in the south of England where I am lucky to have unruly allotment that means I’ve tried every courgette (zucchini) recipe ever invented, a loving family and a house that requires more maintenance than the Fourth Road Bridge. I am also passionate about reducing my impact on the planet, make most of my own cleaning and beauty products and am constantly trying to reduce my plastic use.

Enough about me, if you are ready to make positive changes in your life or just want to find out a bit more about how coaching can help you make the changes you want to make. Please drop me a line via the contact page in the menue tab above. I offer a free 15 min intoduction session so that you can explore if coaching is right for you.



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