How I work

This page will tell you more about how I work with clients and a little about what you can expect of me as your coach.

Firstly I need to make it clear that I am interested in you achieving results with our coaching sessions having a positive impact on your goals. That said I will not shy away from challenging you should it be necessary.

I will keep you accountable.

I will not judge if you have not followed through on an action you identified in a session – but I will be asking you how you got on with the tasks you set yourself.

I work with reality, so if you want to give up work and go and teach yoga on a beach in Bali that’s great – but for most of us coaching isn’t about a 360′ turn. It is about talking the small to medium steps that will get us nearer to our overall goal.

I will be asking you to define your goals, getting them crystal clear in your mind.

A goal can be anything that you believe will move your life forward – it may be a new job,  clearing your clutter (mental or physical), changing career, finding balance, increasing your confidence, or yes, even the yoga on the beach in Bali. Whatever your goal may be, I will be asking you to get really clear about it and how achieving it will impact on your life.

I have a deep held belief that every human being has within themselves the power to create their own destiny. Positive thinking alone won’t get the job done, it’s committed action that creates the biggest changes. It is when we can combine focus, commitment, motivation and action that we get results.

Should I think that coaching is not right for you and that you need other help such as therapy or counselling I will tell you. That does not mean that I cannot work with you in the future, once your therapy has been completed.

I will ask you to contact me on time and I will ensure that we have a session which focuses solely on you. I will be suggesting that you minimise any interruptions to our session, animals, kids, parcel deliveries, etc. Some things are unavoidable, but you have paid good money to have a series of sessions and I want you to be getting the most out of them – not trying to feed the dog and make supper while we are talking.

I want you to achieve your goal and most of all believe you can.

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